“For the corridor, I used Kinos tubes to light the parking lot corridor. Our Production Designer Jo built some practical lighting fixtures into the set, ones for fluorescent tubes. My Gaffer Simon put Kino tubes into the fixtures and we gelled them with White Cap. A cold Cyan gel. One that helps bring that cold industrial look to the set. We also had a Kino on a boom which we could float in for fill and lifting faces.”



“The lift set is where most of the short takes place and I used top light. To give us freedom to work in such a small set. The lift set had a frosted perspex ceiling. Above this we placed 6 Digital Sputnik LED units. These units are fantastic. With full tri colour control we were able dial in the gel colour I wanted without gels. I went for a yellow/green sodium colour. Something that would accentuate the harshness of the set. This is not a pleasant environment. Like the corridor set I used a fixture on a boom. In this case a LED unit gelled to match the Digital Sputniks. This we put above the camera to both bring out faces and put shine onto the steel lift walls”